Bargain Block sneak peek: Duo brings new life to homes in Detroit's Fitzgerald neighborhood

In Detroit's Fitzgerald neighborhood, the Bargain Block guys have been hard at work for season three.

Back in 2019, before Bargain Block was even a show, let alone a big hit on HGTV, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas took us on a tour of a badly damaged, abandoned home they were rehabbing in northwest Detroit.

Now they're taking city leaders on a tour of their latest rehabbed homes in the Fitzgerald neighborhood on Detroit's west side.

"This had like an eight-foot kitchen where the wall was. Knocked that out, kind of expanded the kitchen," Bynum said.

We can't show you much because the show hasn't aired yet,  but the guests were impressed.

"It's going to be an inspiration to those who have been in this neighborhood for a long time, It will inspire them to upgrade and improve the looks of their own home," Councilwoman Angela Whitfield Calloway said.

The home was purchased from the Detroit Land Bank.

"The neighborhood and the community is the beneficiary of all the collective work, and their hard work. I mean, these houses are beautiful and it's no wonder people are snatching them up. It's amazing what they have done in a very short period of time," said Tammy Daniels, the CEO of the Land Bank.

It's a partnership that Bynum says has helped reach a common goal of improving Detroit.

"The partnership with the Land Bank just makes so much sense - we're working toward the same goal, and so I think that partnership has been crucial," he said.

For season three, the duo teamed up with Community Financial Credit Union to purchase 11 homes from the Detroit Land Bank,  all with the goal of both beautifying the neighborhood and growing homeownership in the city.

"It is truly about dreams coming true because when we can walk with people, help them to finance homes, and insure that they have a place where they can rest their head every evening and bring those dreams to life, that's what we're all about," said Tansley Stearns, the president and CEO of Community Financial Credit Union.

For Bynum and Thomas, it's a dream come true as well, as they take these old homes from eyesores to stunning.

"We've just really worked hard to make the construction better, the design better, everything just better," Bynum said.

"I think they're turning out great. I think we've taken a step up on both the design and the construction, and I think we're in the groove of how to do it, so I'm just really happy to keep going," Thomas said.

Look for the season three premiere of Bargain Block in August on HGTV.