Barrels of animal bones found outside home of man arrested for dragging dog

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Photo by Jessica Dupnack

Four garbage cans were found filled to the brim with bones, looking like they belong to cattle. 

They were found at the home where a man was arrested last week for dragging a dog behind his bicycle. Rescue groups are just as confused as we are: where did these bones come from and who do they belong to?

The smell is disgusting with flies hovering everywhere. Theresa Sumpter with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue says most likely they belong to a large animal. 

"So we started looking through the bones and some definitely looked like a cow," she said. "But then also some of them looked like remains of a dog."

The homeowner had been arrested then released in connection to a dog being dragged behind a bicycle last month. The shepherd mix was then beat unconscious. The stacks of bones were found inside his house.

"I'm not sure if we even want to know what was going on in there," Sumpter said. 

After that guy was arrested police found out he was squatting in the home off Tarnow Street without running water or utilities and he had six other dogs living there with him.  

"They certainly could have died inside and I'm assuming that probably some dogs have died inside there," Sumpter said. 

A FOX 2 viewer video shot what appears to be officials in HAZMAT suits pulling the stacks of bones from inside the home. We have calls into Detroit Police to see if the bones will be tested by the medical examiner. 

"Think of the flies and maggots and insects that would attract," Sumpter said. "Think of all the insects that would be in there with bones like that. That is disgusting."

There was a second man arrested in connection to this abuse case. They were both released though, investigators say they need more to bring charges against them. 

"That's a little disappointing because we are hoping there will be some charges pressed so that we will see some justice for the poor dog that was dragged then beaten." 

The silver lining is that the abused dog named Justice is recovering - and will hopefully be adopted out this month.  

"Justice is doing much better, she's able to get around a lot better," Sumpter said. "She's ready to leave the vet and get with her new adopted family."