Barricaded man shooting at police robot; threatened kids playing with sparklers, neighbors say

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Police in St. Clair Shores said a man who shot into a crowd of people on Independence Day is now shooting at the police robot they've sent in while they try to negotiate with him.

Authorities and witnesses say a man shot into a crowd of people around 10 p.m. Thursday. According to neighbors, the man had threatened children, who had been playing with sparklers. 

"Kids had sparklers, it was not abou fireworks, there was no noise," Jackson said. "He (opened fire) directly aiming at the kids, aiming in the crowd. He chased my brother and fiance down the street still shooting."

Jackson's mother and niece were both wounded. When police arrived the suspect fired shots at them and barricaded himself inside the residence which police say is his girlfriend's home.

The shooting happened on St. Margaret Street near 13 Mile and Masonic. Police said he fired into the crowd, hitting a 12-year-old in the arm and an adult woman in her 60's in her calf. Both are expected to be okay.

More than 14 hours later, St. Clair Shores Police say the man is hanging up on them when they try to call him and negotiate. They also said he's shooting the police robot they've sent inside the home.

"Everytime a robot gets close to him, he is opening fire on the robot," Deputy Chief Gary Crandall, St. Clair Shores police.

Police reportedly fired about 10 rounds of tear gas and have deployed two robots into the home.

At around 1:05 a.m., a tactical unit rammed the house, prompting the man to start shooting at officers. That's when officers moved news crews back and decided on a different tactic to get the man outside.

Neighbors were asked to stay inside their homes and go to their basements while police responded to the shooting.