Baton Rouge shooting: Retired Detroit police chief, Michigan state police lieutenant react

It was a deadly Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A gunman opened fire this morning in an ambush on police officers. Three officers were killed and three more were wounded. One of the wounded officers is in critical condition. Doctors said the other two wounded officers sustained non-life threatening injuries.
The gunman who was killed by police is identified as Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, a former U.S Marine who served in Iraq, rose to the rank of sergeant and was honorably discharged. Police say they believe he acted alone, but we also know an investigation is being launched to determine if anyone else could have possibly played a role in helping him in some way. 

Joining FOX 2's Ron Savage and Amy Lange in the studio with a reaction were retired Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee and Michigan State Police First Lt. Michael Shaw.