BBB's 2016 Tax Resource Center

We have just about a month left before the tax filing deadline, and many taxpayers out there still may have a lot of questions about how to prepare their taxes. The Better Business Bureau has rolled out its 2016 Tax Resource Center, which they say is a one-stop shop.

It contains valuable information on tax-related scams, such as the ever-present IRS phone scam that came in as the top scam of 2015 according to BBB's Scam Tracker tool.

The Tax Resource Center enables consumers to quickly find a tax preparer to lift the burden of those sometimes tricky tax forms. It also offers a quick way to find a tax resolution service to help solve any of those tax problems a consumer may run into after submitting their returns.

BBB's Tax Resource Center is the place to go to be informed about tax ID theft. In 2014, tax identity theft made up 33 percent of all identity theft complaints, according to the FTC's Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book. BBB has the tips you need to make sure you keep your identity safe when dealing with your taxes.

BBB has also provided all the important links a consumer and business owners will need to understand what tax credits and deductions they should be sure to include on their taxes.

Lastly, the Tax Resource Center can lead consumers directly to the source with an IRS Tax Resource section that has helpful links to Affordable Care Act information, filing your own taxes, making payments, the IRS FAQs board and the proper contact information to the IRS.