Bed bugs found in Redford Union gym, parents warned in letter

Two bed bugs have been found in the gymnasium of Redford Union High, but parents and students worry that where there's two, there's more.

School officials say in a notice to parents, two bugs were discovered on May 12th. The gym was treated last Wednesday, May 17th.

Yet, parents like Latrice Forrest-Robinson aren't convinced the issue has not been totally solved.

"Bed bugs, they're not contained to one area. I think the whole school should be shut down and sprayed," said Robinson.

Parents and students wonder, if the school is all clear, then why is the gym still closed?

"What would put my mind at ease is if the school reopened that gym," added Robinson.

School administration would not speak with FOX 2 about the issue. However, in a letter sent home to parents, they say the bed bugs are gone. They say they fumigated the school, and even brought in dogs to sniff for the bed bugs and found nothing.

Also in the notice, parents are given several tips on how to treat bed bugs, including what signs to look for, and what to do with infested clothes.

Union High Senior, Christian Sumrall, says he's worried that the problem could spread to his home.

"If that happened, and it breaks out there, I wouldn't want it to be at the house," Sumrall said. "If the whole gym is quarantined off, what makes you think that the rest of the school wouldn't be quarantined."

According to several fumigation services, treated areas should be able to reopen after about a day.

"I just want the school to be honest with the parents," said Robinson.