Big changes in the works for Ford corporate campus

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Big plans were unveiled to transform the corporate campus in Dearborn.

Ford Employee Kermala Dudley said, "I think its fantastic, it's about time."

Some people say it is about time for Ford Motor Company to renovate it's 60-year-old Dearborn facilities.

" We're taking people from 70 different buildings and putting them in two new beautiful campuses," said Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

The construction of the first of these two campuses, the "Product Campus," starts this month. 

"It's about promoting employee wellness, lots of walking areas, green spaces, health centers, and also it's important for company to emphasize sustainability," Fields said.

Sustainability meaning cut energy costs by 50 percent, save water, zero waste, zero energy over a 10 year period.
Fields said: "We want to make sure that we preserve those artifacts, and some of those architectural elements that play tribute to our past but also point to a very exciting future for Ford."

Leslie Runkle Ford Vendor from Texas says, "Sometimes old is good."

"We love the Ford oval." said Fields.

The corporate web cast announcement to Ford's employees, said it all.

"The transformation of the Dearborn campus marks another defining moment in Ford's history," Fields said.  

Ford's corporate web cast announcement said, "Later this year, world headquarters will be renovated for a more modern cafe and updated public work spaces."
"We are going to be keeping the glass house," Fields said. "We are going to be upgrading it and making it bright and shiny for the 21st century."