Bill proposed puts stricter ban on phone use in cars

Simply holding a cell phone in your hand while you're sitting in the driver's seat could soon be against the law in Michigan. 

New proposed legislation calls for a statewide ban on handheld device use in vehicles.

Law enforcement says texting and driving can be just as dangerous as getting behind the wheel under the influence, and they're seeing an alarming increase of people doing it.

Supporters of a new bill say this ban would cut down on crashes and save lives.

"It's common sense," says Hon. Martin Howrylak, state representative. "Don't drive and attempt to do something other than driving at the same time. You can't do it. That's what the bill does."

It would also ban drivers from playing games, browsing and updating social media on a handheld device -- even when stopped at red lights.

The new law would still let you talk on your phone hands free.

"I think everybody out there has seen someone driving a car, talking on a phone, eating a sandwich, steering with their knees. I see it every single day; my officers see it every single day. Regrettably, we're the ones that have to clean it up and police it up," says Sterling Heights Police Lt. Aaron Burgess.

Anyone found to be in violation would face a $250 fine for their first offense. The next time, the punishment is a $500 fine and one point added to your license.