Birth mom of missing boy with autism tries to regain custody

The biological mother of missing Omarion Humphrey says her son, who is severely autistic, should have never been placed with his current foster parents.

His birth mother Khisha Humphrey called for an emergency custody hearing in Oakland County Tuesday. Humphrey, 9, cannot speak, disappeared from a Genessee County Park on July 4.  

"There needs to be more accountability," said Humphrey. "There should be criminal charges. You lost a child, a whole person. If I would have done that, I would be in jail."

"This is a no win. I want my son back. I feel they should have made them been more responsible."

The attorney for Humphrey's 11 children, Monica Baylis, says Omarian and the other children have been placed in five foster families for a few months now. Baylis said this is due to what she calls an "abuse and neglect" situation with his biological parents.

Baylis says there has been a complaint against the foster parents once before for "improper supervision" of another child.

"If they knew she had that kind of record, they should not have put him there," Humphrey said. "They should have looked for someone who specialized with autistic children."

Baylis says she contacted the Humphrey children old enough to understand, telling them that Omarian is missing and expressed concern for the lack of communication.
"I have not received a phone call from any agency that Omarion was missing," Baylis said.

And while Khisha Humphrey says she plans to keep looking for her son, she says her thoughts on his disappearance haven't changed.
"I think he's been taken, that's never going to change," she said. "He's been taken."

Judge Lisa Langton ordered alternatives for children to do a separate investigation of Omarion's disappearance.

Everyone is praying for a safe return.

 "I know they're going to find him, but I know he's not in that park," Humphrey said.

Humphrey used the term "inadequate housing" when asked why her multiple children are in foster homes.

Baylis called the situation "rectifiable" and said she could foresee a situation where the children are returned to Humphrey.