Blake's Hard Cider announces Triple Jam Vodka collab with Gypsy Spirits

Triple Jam Vodka (Photo: Blake's)

Enjoy a new twist on Blake's popular Triple Jam hard cider. 

The Macomb County-based cider maker has teamed up with the up north distillery Gypsy Spirits for a Triple Jam Vodka, a berry vodka described as having flavors of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and a touch of apple - just like the cider.

"It was crucial that the berry aroma and color remained the same, those elements are such a big part of the brand, and the three-berry blend needed to be captured in the vodka too," Blake's founder Andrew Blake said. "Triple Jam has been such a smashing success because of its real fruit profile — you don’t get this off-flavor of cough syrup or candy like with many fruited hard beverages."

Triple Jam Vodka (Photo: Blake's)

He said the biggest difference between the beloved cider and vodka is the lack of carbonation and a higher alcohol content; the cider is around 6% ABV, while the vodka is 30% ABV.

"It’s all about us staying true to our roots, while offering a more diverse line of beverages, a little something for everyone. We listen, our customers tell us what they want and what we are missing, and then we roll up our sleeves and get to work," Blake said.

Triple Jam Vodka retails for $24.95 a bottle, and is available at the Blake's Tasting Room, as well as stores in its distribution area all year long.

Blake's previously collaborated with Gypsy for a cider-vodka collaboration. Apple Pie Vodka was widely released last year. That vodka sold out in days, something Blake said he didn't anticipate.

After that success, Blake's and Gypsy decided Triple Jam would be the next release.

"Blake’s is known for its beverage innovation, and with the massive success of Triple Jam nationally, we knew it had the runway to be the next craft spirit release," Blake said. "The blend of berries and Gypsy’s Vodka create something so pleasant, that we believe this product will become a staple offering."

And you can expect more of that beverage innovation later this year, Blake said.

"We want to explore styles outside of vodka, like whiskey and gin," he said. "We have plans to craft a third collaboration this fall, but you’ll have to stay tuned!"

Celebrate Tripe Jame's 5th anniversary

On April 13, check out the Berry Bash House Party, for a commemorative glass, tunes from a live DJ, house party games and retro video games beginning at 6:30 pm at Blake’s Event Tent and Tasting Room in Armada. Tickets are available now for $10 at 

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