Blake’s Hard Cider introduces new company, expanded operations through partnership with Austin Eastciders

(Photo: Blake’s Beverage Co.)

Blake’s Hard Cider has partnered with Texas-based Austin Eastciders in a move that expands both cidermakers' operations and reach.

The recently announced deal includes Avid Cider Co., which was acquired by Blake's last year. 

"We don’t want to change what makes these brands great, we are coming together to become the largest independent cider company in the U.S.," said Andrew Blake, CEO and founder of Blake’s Hard Cider. "While our passions and mission align, each brand offers consumers unique flavors, personalities, and complementary perspectives filtered through the lenses of their regions."


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Under the name Blake’s Beverage Company, cidermaking operations will take place in New York, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas. This will provide the cideries with a steady supply of apples and allow for more beverages featuring a variety of flavors. 

Blake's Beverage Co. products will be available in 35 states, and the company estimates that it will distribute 2 million cases of cider annually. 

"Our founders’ vision 10 years ago was to be the No. 1 cider in Texas and the No. 1 craft cider everywhere we choose to go," said John Glick, the president and CEO of Austin Eastciders. "With this partnership, we believe we can fulfill our founders’ mission to bring more cider to the masses." 

Glick is expected to stay in a leadership role with Blake's Beverage Co.

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