Blight surrounds southwest Detroit neighborhood, problem solvers step in

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In a southwest Detroit neighborhood, they're tired of the blight and overgrown lots full of debris. They're sick of looking at the burned homes and the dangerous messes on their streets. So they called the FOX 2 problem solvers.

When Richard Stonik looks around his Detroit neighborhood he says he gets upset when he sees abandoned homes that now line the street and vacant homes lots that have become dumping grounds for tires, furniture, wood, and trash.

"Some of the guys who do this don't realize how bad they make it for everybody else," Stonik said.

Stonik says he's not the only one who is he fed up. Milton Bradley said they're not only an eyesore, it creates a terible odor as well.

"You get a lot of aromas and different smells that you really don't want to smell. It depends which way the winds blowing," Bradley said.

Residents say the problem has lingered for over a decade. They've called on city leaders for help and say some things have changed but not enough.

"It's only getting worse. I don't see it getting any better. For every five abandoned houses you see, maybe one will get demolished," Bradley said.

City officials say they are aware of the issues in this neighborhood but they say this issue should not be looked at as a Detroit problem.

"They'll go through the trash being dumped (we find) Dearborn addresses all over it. A majority of the time we have people coming into the city, dumping their belongings and their response is 'oh this is Detroit'. We're just trying to change the culture of that," District 6 Manager Rico Razo said.

City leaders say they are working to demolish these abandoned houses and many have been knocked down since Mayor Duggan took office. They say they are also working on other solutions to clean up not only this neighborhood but all of Detroit.

District Manager Rico Razo says residents can help by being aware and reporting any wrongdoing.