Blind man the victim of hit and run in Warren

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"I feel very lucky considering the circumstances."

His day to day experience is hard enough. A 36-year-old Warren man who is legally blind feels incredibly lucky after being hit by a car.

“Feels like another kick when you're down. It is what it is. You deal with the hand you're dealt but every once in a while it’s a little more frustrating."

The most frustrating feeling he says: that driver didn't stop.

The victim, who does not wish to be identified, says, while using his cane, he'd been walking to work along Arsenal street around 6 a.m. Tuesday.

"I was crossing at 12 Mile and a vehicle struck me when I was hit crossing the street."

Only able to see faint headlights, he says suddenly he was off the ground.

"I was taken off my feet and landed on the street," he said. "I got off the street and onto the side, then took a few moments to get my bearing."

Feeling rather rough Wednesday, he says he knows it could've been much worse.

"I'm really sore," he said. "The doctor said I have rib contusions, back contusions, my knees are scraped up, and hand scraped up a bit."

Although he’s legally blind, he did see that the headlights appeared to be white instead of yellow and they were high off the ground.

"I would guess an SUV, but that would just be a guess."

Warren Police are checking nearby businesses for surveillance video. So far, there’s been no luck catching that car on camera, or that driver -- who the victim says, must've known they hit a person.

"I'm 6'1" over 200lbs I’m not a little guy.  I can’t imagine that wouldn't be noticed."

While this man is thankfully recovering, he can't help but wonder why that driver decided to hit the gas, leaving him lying in the street.

“I hope they do the right thing and listen to their conscience.”