Blufin Sushi controversy; the race for Detroit mayor

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Part 1: Blufin Sushi controversy

The three women who accused a Grosse Pointe Farms restaurant of racism are meeting with the attorney for that business.

A video of the evening was released by Blufin Wednesday, but there is no audio on the recording during the incident. 

Both sides arrived hoping to come to a resolution tonight.

On the panel:

Tanisha Prater, one of the African-American women accusing Blufin of discrimination.

Adrienne Savage, one of the African-American women accusing Blufin of discrimination.

David Draper, attorney for Blufin Sushi

Greg Bowens, consultant and president of the NAACP Grosse Pointe Woods chapter.

Part 2: The race for Detroit mayor

The race for mayor of Detroit is heating up long before the election. Mike Duggan announcing his re-election campaign while the son of a legendary Detroit mayor is set to make his  big announcement tomorrow.

Does Coleman Young II really have a chance or is the race over before it even starts?

On the panel:

Adolph Mongo, longtime political insider

Lisa Howze, chief government affairs officer

Steve Hood, consultant and media mogul

Minister Malik Shabazz, activist and community leader
Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton takes the show on the road and asks Detroit how they feel about the mayoral race.