Body cam shows U-M basketball star Zavier Simpson lie to police after crash

New body camera video of Zavier Simpson obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, shows what happened after his crash.

Ann Arbor police responded to the intersection at South Forest Avenue and Hill Street at the end of January. Police say they found a vehicle crashed into a street sign and utility pole.

They recognized University of Michigan basketball player Zavier Simpson standing near it. So imagine their surprise when he gave them a different name.

This newly released body cam video shows Simpson talking to police after they found him next to a crashed vehicle.

Officer: "How did this get put here in the first place?"

Simpson: "I told you I was walking and I noticed it was my friend's car because of the UConn tags on the back."

But when police asked for his name - 

Officer: "What's your first name?"

Simpson: "Jeff."

Officer: "Middle name?"

Simpson: "Jackson."

Officer: "Last name?"

Simpson: "Simpson."

Officer: "Like the basketball player Simpson?"

Simpson: "Yeah."

Officers immediately recognized the player, knew something was off, and confronted him.

Officer: "Why did you lie to my partner?"

Simpson: "I'm sorry?"

Officer: "Why'd you lie to my partner?"

Simpson: "What did I lie about?"

Officer: "Your name."

Simpson: "I didn't want to get involved."

Officer: "You don't think we know you? We aren't stupid. You can't lie to a police officer about your name."

Simpson: "Okay."

Officer: "It's against the law actually."

Simpson: "I know that."

Officer: "We can arrest you for that." 

According to a police report, Simpson said the vehicle belonged to Evan Manuel. He is a student manager for the basketball team and the son of Athletic Director Warde Manuel. 

The report says officers spoke with Warde Manuel's wife, who is the registered owner of the car. The report says she told police Simpson had indeed been driving.

Students say this explains why Simpson was suspended at the end of January, when he missed one game.

Simpson eventually came clean and told police he lost control on icy roads. Police say they did not smell alcohol on his breath.

Simpson was given a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.