Body of missing teen recovered from lake in West Bloomfield

Authorities say they have recovered the body of a swimmer who went missing overnight in a lake in West Bloomfield.

Authorities had been searching Middle Straits Lake for the 17-year-old since around 1:30 a.m. Thursday. They recovered his body just before 9 a.m.

The West Bloomfield Fire Department says the teen jumped off a boat into the water around 1:15 a.m. Police say the boy was among a group of 16 and 17 year olds on the boat. They called 911 when he didn't resurface.

"Our initial inquiries that the individuals had been drinking. [It's] too soon to say whether that alcohol consumption had any real impact or factor in this at all; they had been drinking some hours earlier," says West Bloomfield Police Chief Mike Patton. "Obviously they can't legally drink at that age, but whether or not it was a true factor in this incident is too soon to say."

Chief Patton says the investigation so far shows that this was just a big accident.

"Sad. You feel sad. It's just an accident you wish didn't happen. What can you say? I have a 22 and a 27 year old who have been on this lake almost all their life since little kids," says neighbor Mark Kerney.

This is the second teen who drowned on an area lake this week. Andrew Massey, 18, just graduated from Chesterfield. He drowned after he jumped off a pontoon boat while fishing in Handy Lake. He wasn't wearing a life jacket.

"It probably wouldn't have hurt if he had a flotation device, even the ones on the waist where you can still swim," his grandfather Charlie Massey said.

Drew was a good swimmer too but was no match for the water.

"Someone who consumes alcohol before they get in the water might have a false sense of security and believe that they could accomplish something in the water that they couldn't normally do. For instance, not take into consideration the water temperature or the fact that the water might be choppy," Macomb County Lt. John Michalke said.

And even though no alcohol was involved in Drew's drowning, there's still a lesson here.

"My advice would be put on those belts and stay safe," Charlie Massey said.

A go fund me has been set up for Drew Massey- to help the family - CLICK HERE.