Bodycam of police shooting of suspect outside East Lansing Meijer released

Disturbing body camera footage has been released from another police shooting, this time in East Lansing. The suspect will recover while his family is demanding justice. The images in the video may be disturbing to some viewers.

The investigation into the shooting is underway by the Michigan State Police which happened April 25th. And while you’ll see various angles of body camera footage and Meijer surveillance video - police said Thursday that’s not everything there is to see.

Only two police officers are on paid administrative leave after the shooting. Police were dispatched at 6:36 pm that night on a weapons call.

Video shows the moment an East Lansing police officer opened fire on 20-year-old DeAnthony VanAtten as he ran from police in a Meijer parking lot.  You can hear Van Atten wailing in pain in the video.

About six shots ring out in the video as VanAtten drops to the ground. The officer can be heard saying "Get on the (expletive) ground."

The call began as responding police officers moved through the Meijer where they’d gotten a call that a man with a face mask pulled a gun out of his vehicle and walked in the store.

The dispatcher made it clear VanAtten was not threatening anyone with a weapon. The officer who can be heard saying Van Atten had a gun and was now asking: "Let me see your (expletive) hands, where's the gun?"

"Stop touching my wound," VanAtten can be heard saying. "You shot me two times."

After Van Atten is in handcuffs, police turn him from side to side - and check his pockets.

Officer: "Roll on your side bud, roll on your side."

Then they start rendering aid.

Officer: "Hey buddy, what’s your name? Stay with me buddy, what’s your name? Gunshot wound to the abdomen, another gunshot wound to the leg."

The East Lansing Police Department wouldn’t say Thursday if VanAtten had a gun or not when he was shot, but the video shows police had to search for a pistol. They also couldn’t say if both officers now placed on paid leave, fired their guns.

Officer: "Do you know where that pistol is at?"

Second officer: "I couldn't see it ... I saw him with it .. he had it out."

A woman in yellow near a silver Equinox carries a baby and screams.

Officer:"She’s gotta have that gun… check her for a gun… check her for a gun."

Woman: "I don’t have no (expletive) gun, what do you mean?"

Police would eventually find a pistol under a vehicle.

Officer: "The pistol is underneath there. Watch for spent casings."

Video still taken from East Lansing police shooting bodycam recording.

Video still taken from East Lansing police shooting bodycam recording.

Van Atten’s family says the police were wrong to shoot him.

"It’s not OK to shoot a young Black male, white male, yellow male - anybody running away," said Charity VanAtten, the suspect's aunt.

But an attorney for one of the officers, says their actions were justified.

"The officers acted reasonably and appropriately," said Mike Nichols, the police officer's attorney. "They addressed an immediate threat not only to themselves but to the public."

East Lansing police say VanAtten has been released from the Ingham County Jail. State police will turn over to their findings to the attorney general’s office.

The East Lansing Police Department has also promised it will conduct an internal review of their policies and make clear no one in the video has been charged with a crime.  

Video still taken from East Lansing police shooting bodycam recording.

Video still taken from East Lansing police shooting bodycam recording.