Bond denied for Detroit man charged with selling, making grenades

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Byron Tyrone Ross is facing charges he was selling four "pineapple" grenades for $150 each to a confidential source.

Federal investigators say it happened on Dec. 17 near Ross' house on Manor Street on Detroit's west side.
The confidential source was wearing a video camera which showed that those grenades were really live US military-issued hand grenades. 

But the feds got a search warrant and confiscated the four grenades.  Now Ross has been arraigned on two counts of possessing explosive materials in federal court. 

He is facing 20 years in prison. Neighbors say Ross didn't live in his home on Manor very long.

"He did speak every now and then, but he wasn't really talkative," said Maniahjeea Gibson, a neighbor.

"They would look at us weird like we knew something," said neighbor Karisha Watkins, who said she did not.

It is not the money for grenades that's getting him in trouble, it is the fact that Ross could make more hand grenades."

And that's possibly why Ross agreed that bond be denied in this case.  Ross does have an extensive criminal record for armed robbery, weapons violations and fleeing the police.

Ross will be back in court in January,