Bond increased $500K for man charged with violent carjacking of 95-year-old

One day after a man was charged with the violent carking of a 95-year-old woman, a Wayne County judge increased his bond from a personal one to $500,000.

James Smith, 34, was charged Thursday with one count of carjacking, one count of unarmed robbery, one count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, one count of receiving and concealing a motor vehicle, and one count of unlawfully driving away of an automobile.

Police said Smith carjacked the 95-year-old as she was sitting in a Detroit park last week. 

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On Thursday, Smith appeared in court for the charges where he was ordered held on a $150,000 personal bond - meaning he could have been released without paying anything but would have owed $150,000 if he would have violated the terms of his bond.

But an emergency hearing was called Friday morning where Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Elizabeth Dornik asked for an increase. 

"Given the facts. Given the fact that he did this at 1 in the afternoon. It is extremely concerning to people that bond was set at a personal bond. It’s just totally inappropriate," Dornik said.

James Smith, 34, is charged with carjacking a 95-year-old woman in Detroit last week.

The 95-year-old victim said she was hit and bit by the man who police have identified as Smith.

"I'm just so glad he didn’t kill me," the woman told FOX 2 earlier this week. "Thank you, Lord, that you caught this guy. Cause it got him off the street so fast. I'm so grateful."

Police said they tracked down Smith after the victim's cell phone pinged at a Walmart in Novi. Smith was arrested on Tuesday and police said the victim's cell phone was still in the car.

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On Thursday, in the emergency hearing, Smith's bond was increased to $500,000 cash.

Smith’s next court hearing is October 6.

"This court has a vested interest in protecting the community, particularly the seniors in our community," said Judge Kenneth King.