Boxes of medical records discovered in Southfield dumpster

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What’s looks like just a regular old dumpster filled with trash was actually filled medical records, which were discovered dumped out in the open, even boxes labeled biohazard.

Fox 2: “How did you come upon this place.”

“Throwing away garbage,” the man said, wishing to remain anonymous. 

Not a good move using a private dumpster for your own trash but what he uncovered inside had him calling FOX 2. 

“I saw folders and files and stuff sticking out and I could read medical and that kind of thing,” he said.

You can see just by peeking in, boxes and boxes of folders.

“Medical history scripts that the people have had stuff going back to 2004

And possibly even more disturbing waste lurking in the trash. 

“There was metal containers in there as well that had blood pathogens in there,” he said. 

The large dumpster is at 12 Mile and Telegraph in Southfield right behind the big Comerica Building. 

HIPAA laws require papers and medical records to be burned, shredded or destroyed.  

Fox 2: “Would you want your medical records disposed of this way?”

“No not at all that's the reason why I contacted you guys,” he said.

The Comerica Building is home to several medical practices but at this point it's unclear where these records came from. 

“They are definitely not following HIPPA laws and that can cause problems with identify theft,” he said.

FOX 2 contacted the Southfield Police. They were not aware of an issue but plan to follow up.