Boxing and yoga workout studio takes classes outside in Birmingham

Willie Fortune is a professional boxer - he goes by 'Fortune 500.' He's also a trainer - and the owner of Jabs Gym in Birmingham.

His is now taking his boxing and yoga workout or BOYO, outside, with plenty of social distancing between bags.

"At this point right now, I feel like people need that outlet because mentally this is so draining and it's just frustrating," Fortune said.

When the coronavirus shut down gyms, Fortune knew he had to get creative - for his clients - and for his business.

"I think that's the one fight that everybody has in common right now - we are all struggling - we are all fighting to push through this," he said. "We didn't get hit with the actual Covid virus but we got hit with an economic virus. So I wanted to kind of do something about it."

His uncle - a handyman and trainer - spent his time during the Stay at Home Order building boxing boxes to hold punching bags so they could bring back their clients.

In normal times they'd be inside in the ring, or lifting weights - or on the bags. Fortune says normally there would be 28 people in the bag room - no longer an option in the age of COVID-19.

"I said what can I do and create, so I can do something where I'm helping not just my members - but my business as well," he said.

Members are excited to be back in class - where Fortune says the energy and interaction helps everyone push each other - to be better and we could all use that, right now.

"Sometimes you just need the energy of other people around you - it's all about that push and that accountability - especially in fitness," Fortune said. "We need something - I feel like something is better than nothing."