Boy battling serious illness gets wish as junior officer with Sterling Heights police

Thursday was a big day for the newest junior officer at the Sterling Heights Police Department.

"I, Asher, do promise to listen to my parents and teachers," he said.

"Congratulations, you are a junior Sterling Heights police officer," the officer said.

"Every time we go to a park and he sees (a police officer)  he's like, I want to say hi and that's what we do," said his mom, Jaime Vanderhovel. "Rainbow Connection made this happen today and I'm just speechless." 

Of all the wishes in the world – 7-year-old Asher – wanted to be a police officer.

The second-grader suffers from a life-threatening heart condition.  So, Sterling Heights police wanted to make his wish come true – swearing him in Thursday, and giving him a police – well, not a car, but close.  

A day of all things police was next for him. The feeling of joy was mutual.

"We see people at their worst moments of their lives so to be here with a little boy on cloud 9 is so good for our officers," said Chief Dale Dwojakowski.

Asher's mom Jaime says his fascination for police started when he was 3, and that love has grown just about as big as his smile.

His big day had a grand finale - the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office police helicopter swooped in to give him a ride and the experience of a lifetime.  

The trip even included a stop at home – to wave to dad.