Boy with brittle bone disease has power chair, too heavy to move

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Amere King is  a 7-year-old. You couldn't tell it by looking at him. He battles a brittle bone disease and has suffered more so in his young life than anyone should. Now, he's finally able to have a motorized chair - but there are still some problems.

His growth is stunted by a rare disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disorder that has left him deformed and diminishes his chance at a normal life. His mom, Grenisha King, is fighting to raise awareness and money, to help fund research and hopefully, new treatments.

"Just continue to go on with this fight we're going to continue to fight until we get what we need for Amere," King said.

Now, the young boy has his power chair. He says it feels good to be able to be in the chair and he's a different boy than we met last December.

"Amere finally got his chair. With the power chair, he's able to drive it, to left it, adjust it himself and other things with the power chair." King said.

King says she's thrilled to have the chair for her son but moving it isn't easy.

"It's difficult very hard. I just try to keep Amere happy. My living is to make Amere happy."

King says her son is scheduled to have an operation on his arms in the coming week. But she says thousands of dollars are still needed to help with Amere's medical expenses and to help him realize the full benefits of his new chair

"We don't have an accessible vehicle for him to ride his powerchair. We can't even get off the porch. We don't have ramps or anything. That's what I'm fighting for until I get what my son needs," King said.

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