Brick-thrower and homeowner both arrested in wild scene in Redford Twp

A wild scene in Redford Township started with someone throwing a brick through a window and ending with the homeowner and the brick-thrower getting arrested.

"Oh my gosh. I'm kinda puzzled because things like that don't happen in this area," said Tomena Byrd, a neighbor.

Around 5 a.m. Thursday morning, someone sleeping on a couch in a house on Salem awoke to a brick being tossed through one of the windows. There multiple adults and at least one child in the home.

The adult who heard the noise became startled and believed someone was breaking into the home. They ran into the back bedroom where a man was waiting. Believing there was also an intruder the man had grabbed a gun, firing at the first adult who ran.

Unfortunately, it was the person on the couch he shot.

"I'm surprised and appalled something like this happened," Byrd said. "It's unfortunate I hope the person or people that are involved, god I'll pray for them."

The person who was shot was hit in the face and rushed to a nearby hospital. He underwent surgery and is now in stable condition. 

The investigation into who threw the brick and why is only in its beginning stages, but officers said the incident is part of an ongoing dispute over a vehicle and all parties involved know one another.

The brick-throwing suspect was arrested several hours later in a nearby city. The person who fired the shots was taken into custody as well. 

For neighbors, the incident is a reminder about the dangers of protecting one's house with a gun.

"Be cautious when you have to use extraordinary initiatives to protect your household. You have a right to protect your household, but there's always a consequence in the long run," said Byrd.