Bridge Card scam leave Detroiters confused: What you need to know

Chain messages and misinformation are being spread on social media about free Bridge Card locations and availability.

In one of many posts, accounts are claiming that "free bridge cards will be given out…2 locations in Wayne County- Golightly on the Eastside and Kemeny Recreation Center in Southwest Detroit"

"These resources ARE NOT available," read a notice from the city of Detroit about the scam. 

Scam message about Bridge Card benefits 

Detroiters have shown up at GoLightly and Kemeny Recreation Center for Disaster Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (D~SNAP) benefits and Bridge Cards without any luck. 

These benefits are not available in the way these messages describe.

Residents interested in this program should visit the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website or call:  1-888-642-7434