Broken water main left running for days

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Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department says it fixes 85 percent of repairs within two days. The other 15 percent no more than four days.

But people in one neighborhood on Detroit's east side say water has been leaking in front of house on their block for much longer than that.

"They went so far as to tell me that the department came out here and shut the water off," said resident Rashauna Miller. "But the water is still running."

The running water in front of an abandoned house at 19981 Alcoy is running off what little patience neighbors have left.

"It's like the city refuses to do anything about it but you continue to take the taxpayers' money," said resident Terrance Norris.

The gate leak as Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department calls it, is not quite a main break - but a smaller leak on the pipe

Be that as it may, it's having no small impact on neighbors who now have low water pressure.

"If I flush my toilet, my faucet water in my kitchen completely shuts off," Miller said. "And it's been this way for two weeks."

Miller says that's when she reported the leak. A few crews from the water department came out, but did not fix the problem.

Curtrise Garner  from the water department says the city is aware of the problem.

"What we do is, we always prioritize and our first level of concern is if you don't have any water," she said. "We don't want the residents to think that we have forgotten about them because we haven't. Detroit is a huge city and we are coming if you call us."

In the meantime the water continues to run and someone has to foot the bill, it's like money going down the drain.

The water and sewerage department says it never forgot about the running water on Alcoy and a crew will be out to fix the leak tomorrow  and neighbors water pressure should return to normal.