Brother of suspect who threatened to murder CNN staff defends him

A Novi man allegedly called CNN headquarters a total of 22 times saying he was coming to gun them all down. 

Federal court documents that were unsealed Monday suggest that this isn't the first time Brandon Griesemer made threatening phone calls. 

Threats were made against CNN employees for producing "fake news" landed Griesemer, 19, of Novi, in federal court. 

But Greiesemer's brother told FOX 2 "My brother is a normal, stable individual. This should not get blown out of proportion."

Magistrate Judge Anthony Patti formally charged Griesemer Friday for making death threats in a series of 22 phone calls to CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Jan. 9th.

Greiesemer allegedly told an operator with the news network he was coming down from Novi to Atlanta to gun people down.

Then the calls got more specific. Griesemer claimed he had guns and that the entire CNN cast would be shot in a matter of hours.

Griesemer didn't say much during proceedings Friday but we did learn he has a history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

Judge Anthony Patti did release the teen on bond with restrictions until his next court date.

He's been ordered to seek mental health counseling, no weapons and no contact with anyone from CNN.

This isn't the first time the Greiesemer has done something like this.

Federal court documents show he made threatening calls to the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor in September.