BuildOn transforms neighborhood basketball court with mural

A group of young people banded together Wednesday to transform a cracked and broken basketball court in the Osborn neighborhood with a beautiful mural.

"It builds compassion and it builds that sense of community that you might not have sometimes so I think it's really important for the students to be able to interact with the community members but also for the community members to see the hope that's with the next generation with these kids that are in the high school," said Sam Shields of buildOn.

BuildOn is a group with a goal to teach young people to transform their neighborhoods through service. But it's not just about serving your own city, but reaching out across the world.  So many of the young people on buildOn travel the world to help there too. 

Jordan Cook went to Nicaragua to help build a foundation of a school with the villagers.

"It actually changed my perspective on things. In America we are richer moneywise and valuewise, but down there they are richer in people because they handle everything as a community so if one household has an issue they all have an issue and not too the communities can do that here," he said.

BuildOn as been around since 1991 and is currently a program in six cities across America, including Detroit, and seven international cities. 

The artist helping supervise the Osborn basketball court mural grew up down the road 

"This means a lot because some of my friends still play ball here and most likely I'll come back in a few weeks and shoot some hoops," said Phillip Simpson.