Burned out house attracts rats in Detroit

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“What I'm trying to do is make the wrong, right.”

Anthony Carter says he started contacting city officials about the eyesore on his block several years ago when a vacant house caught fire and burned down.

“Everyone's been out from the city office all the way up from the Mayor’s office, all the way down and nothing has been done so far.”

He says over the years this lot has become a dumping site and a haven for rats.

“Wake up in the morning – there’s a pile of rubble. Go to sleep the next night and wake up – it’s another pile of rubble. So it's been building from years and years.”

Carter says he continues to wait for a solution.

As the wait continues, he says those rats are finding their way to his property.

“They've worked their way in. You sit in the garage at night, you see them running in the garage across your foot. It's like, wow.”

Carter says there is evidence that the city is working to improve his neighborhood.

“I'm appreciative about the sidewalks but here it is, you've torn down houses in the whole neighborhood but you skipped this house.”

Carter says if the city would cleanup this lot he has plans to beautify the area.

“If I can get help to knock it down or clear it out, I would be more than comfortable with buying the property and making a community garden or even playground.”

Fox 2 contacted city officials about Carter's concerns and we were told:

“The address at 14974 Coram is currently in the demolition pipeline and the expectation for the structure to be removed is within 2 to 3 weeks."

“I know it takes a while for things to happen, but this has been going on way too long.”