Business owner says DPD's Project Green Light failed after thieves drive hi-lo through wall

A shattered windshield remains on the hi-lo that thieves drove right through a building, flipping cars and damaging everything in sight Monday morning.

Surveillance cameras captured the thieves stealing the electrical meter before everything went dark around 1 a.m. Monday morning.

"All the alarms were going off so we knew it was something bad going on," said Hasan Al-Jabawi.

When Jabawi, the office manager, arrived at H & A Auto Parts Monday morning - this is what he found: alarms going off, and a mess.

"We saw the building broken in - everything damaged - almost $100,000 worth of damage," he said. "We've got to put up new walls- new doors.

"They broke into two of my vehicles, two delivery trucks. They knew what they were doing and I think they've probably been here before."

They even stole some catalytic converters - it's pretty clear these guys were at the business on east McNichols for quite some time. And that's what has Al Jabawi so angry - their business is part of Project Green Light - but police were nowhere to be found.

"I don't know if they're watching or not - nobody showed up," he said. "And we called the police and they didn't come for like an hour after and they sent me one officer."

The owner of H & A Auto Parts says their alarm company had called them around 2 a.m. but they were asleep. And he says they thought Project Green Light would have been monitoring their cameras.

They paid upfront fees to be part of the Green Light program and they pay $300 a month to make sure their business is monitored and protected. They have multiple security cameras connected to the police and say they expected better.

"It's not worth it - I thought that if you have a Green Light -they're watching 24 hours so you're safe, if your life is in danger, you're safe," he said. "I'm paying for them and nothing's getting covered."

Detroit police say they monitor hundreds of cameras and may not have seen the vandals in action - but they are now looking for them.

If you have any information call 1-800-SPEAK-UP.