C.J. Barrymore's security guard can hit fastballs upwards of 250 mph

Imagine facing an 80 mph fastball -- and trying to hit it. Now, imagine hitting that same pitch coming towards you as you're standing practically on top of the pitching machine.

"I move up anywhere from 22 feet to 17 feet from the maching, which increases the speed," says Stanley Anderson. "Physics dictates that being that close - 17 feet - the miles per hour, from regulation, would be 266 mph."

Stanley is the head of security at C.J. Barrymores. He also happens to possess a certain skill that is mind boggling: hitting a fastball in a third of the time a major league hitter has.

"I played little league, high school, college; I played at Kentucky State University. I just never got that pro shot," he says. "I'm 53 years old, obviously, if I'm doing what I'm doing in there, that means maybe I should've got a shot. But sometimes people make it and shouldn't, and sometimes people that should, don't. That's how it goes."

He credits 45 years of clean living and training, and says he could hit a major league fastball even now.

"A friendly challenge to anybody - Cabrera, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, any of 'em," he says. "I don't think they would be able to out hit me - at that range. I'm not saying I'm a better hitter than them; I'm saying at that range, though, they're not used to being able to react that fast."

Stanley sees his talent as marketable, a way to an actual career. And he's willing to listen to any offers.

"I would like a job in baseball. I would like to be a hitting coach, a hitting instructor, something. College, pro, if somebody would just give me an opportunity," he says. "I have a method of hitting that I've used all these years to still make me the hitter that I am, and I believe I can make even an ordinary hitter a much better hitter with the methods I use."

Baseball teams are always looking for the extra edge. It is the one sport that is idiosyncratic enough to feature Stanley's story in its lore.

C.J. Barrymore's is an indoor and outdoor entertainment and game center in Clinton Township, Mich.