Cab driver pulls gun on Tim Horton's cashier over latte

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A cab driver loses it over the price of a latte, allegedly pointing a gun at Tim Horton's cashier - and when another cab pulled up a short time later, the employee thought the hot-headed driver was back and called 911.

On Wednesday it is apparently back to business as usual Wednesday at this Detroit Tim Horton's on Wyoming and Fenkell after police say a Checker cab driver pulled a gun on a drive-thru employee because of his costly coffee.

"He was unhappy with the price of his latte," said Mr. Gee.

A cabbie known as "Mr. Gee: the transporter" says just after 1 a.m. Wednesday he was sitting in his checker minivan at a nearby Coney island when he was mistaken for the suspect by police.

"(I was) waiting for a customer to come back out with their order a pregnant woman with a craving for corned beef," he said.

Mr. Gee says while sitting there in his yellow cab with the woman in his passenger seat a few minutes later, four Detroit police officers began surrounded his car.

"They put a spotlight on me," he said. "It was concerning - then all four doors opened up. Immediately they asked me to get out of the vehicle, my window was cracked. I was pretty nervous.

"And the officer said didn't you just come out from there after placing an order, and I look over at my passenger and she was just frozen - literally, sandwich in hands."

Mr. Gee said the license plate of the angry cabbie didn't match and after police left, Mr. Gee called his dispatcher learning what had apparently happened.

"I don't know what price they quoted him," the driver said. "I quote people. I haven't had a gun pulled on me because of it."

The Tim Horton's employee was absent at the window when Fox 2 stopped by as Detroit police only began their investigation.

As for Mr. Gee, he's glad she wasn't hurt calling this whole thing shameful.

"I can't imagine how they felt over a gun being pulled," said Mr. Gee. "Over the price of a latte.

"There's no excuse for anything like that."