California restaurant offers free pizza to diners who put their phones away

One restaurant is offering a delicious incentive to motivate patrons into socializing without using their phones.

A Curry Pizza Company location in Fresno, California wants customers to put their phones away by offering a “Talk to Each Other Discount." If a group of at least four can make it through a meal without checking their phones, the restaurant will dish out a free pizza pie. 

The group also has the option of donating the pizza to the homeless.

Everyone has to have a smartphone and the phones will be inspected to make sure they receive service. This ensures that people are actually disconnecting and not trying to get a free pizza by using an old phone. The company said the goal is to have people stop using cell phones while eating, and to communicate person-to-person.

So far, the restaurant has given away between 40 to 50 pizzas.