Campus Martius Detroit tree arrives Wednesday

Walk into a Walmart or local department stores and you'll see the festive cacophony that is Christmas decor finally up. But in case you forgot, now that Dec. 25 is under the two-month threshold, we suggest directing your gaze south down Woodward for more proof. 

The 60-foot-tall Michigan-grown Norway spruce that stands taller than any other shipped-in-seasonal spangles welcoming in the holidays will arrive in Campus Martius Wednesday. Hailing from Cadillac, Michigan in the northern tier of the lower peninsula, the tree was chosen after a several-week long search.

There's already evidence the downtown area is gearing up for the holidays. Beer tents, smaller decorative trees and plenty of crews were all downtown early preparing for the arrival of the tree. The 16th annual tree lighting up ceremony will take place later this month.

This isn't the only centerpiece to be erected in a city center this fall. In late October, a 61-foot blue spruce that was cut down in Iron Mountain arrived in Lansing for the annual Silver Bells parade later this year.