Cancer patient's Detroit home broken into, dog abused

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A Detroit homeowner said the burglar started in the alley, hopped the fence and broke in through the backdoor.

"They busted this down and my husband put it back together, and put it back up so we could sleep at night," said Latanya Edwards. "And we installed this gate right here."

Edwards never had a security door until last week. That was when burglars broke into the house she spent 40 years making into a home on Ferry Street on Detroit's east side. 

They stole a gun, cash, her army veteran husband's dog tags and thousands of dollars’ worth of family heirloom jewelry.

"It's not about the jewelry it's about the fact you violated our home," Edwards said. 

It all went down two days after Mother's Day. Edwards, a mother of three, says the burglars ransacked their house and even roughed up their dog.

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She says the break-in seemed eerily similar to one in Wayne that FOX 2 covered last week.

"I'm scared they're going to come back in," she said. "We had to buy security gates, bars, we had to lock up the windows. We're still not done. We're going to do the front door. I don't even feel safe with that stuff. I sleep with two knives."

It is the kind of fear that can weigh you down and push you out.

"I don't want to stay here if I've got to live like that," Edwards said.

And for Latanya, the battle she's waging against stage four colon cancer has made it heavier. She says she was diagnosed last year.

"This was the icing on the cake - when I saw that, I was almost ready to give up," she said.

A shot at justice is helping her hang on.

"I never did anything to anybody and I don't deserve this type of treatment from anybody," she said.

Neighbors say five other homes in this area were broken into in recent months. they believe they could all be connected. DPD is investigating. 

If you have any information that may be helpful, please call Detroit police at (313) 224-5850.