Car crashes into nail salon in Berkley

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A car crashed through the front window of a nail salon in Berkley on Thursday, but if it weren't for the business owners being a few minutes late, the damage could have been much worse.

The car crashed into the Great Nails salon that is at the corner of Woodward Avenue and 12 Mile Road. It is in the same strip mall as Crispelli's restaurant.

Broken bricks and shards of glass were everywhere as the SUV was pulled from inside Great Nails salon. The driver was a client who had just arrived for her 10 am appointment. She stopped to park out front when witnesses said she plowed through the front window.

"I don't know if she stepped on the gas really hard and she just drove right through the window. I went outside and was scared someone might be in there and I ran over," Sara Gardner said.

She was working next door when the driver of the Honda went through the window. She said the driver was shaken up but seemed to be okay.

"I helped her out of the car, we moved some bricks out of the way, we got her out of the car and the police got here really fast," Gardner said.

The owners of the salon arrived just a few minutes later. Hannah Dam and Tom Truong have owned it for 18 years. Almost every other day, they get to the shop between 9:50 and 10 a.m. but happened to be late on Thursday.

"I complained to my husband because we were late and [I told him to] hurry. I thank god for that," Hannah said.

Berkley police say the accident is still under investigation but the owners say the woman is a regular client and has had medical issues before. The woman told one witness that she blacked out and even apologized to the owners before being taken to be hospital.

"It's okay. Just thank god everybody okay - that's the big thing," Hannah said.

Hannah and Tom hope to reopen in the next few weeks and are thankful they were late this day.