Car hits curb and barrels through Livonia home, missing sleeping man by a foot

A vehicle that careened into a Livonia house causing major damage to the building came within a foot of hitting a man sleeping inside. 

The crash, which could be seen from outside the house, left both the man and his wife shaken up. 

"They went airborne, took out our flag pole, went through the whole front of the house, missed my husband by maybe a foot or two because he was laying on the couch," said Cheryl Facione. "If he had been on the love seat, he'd be gone."

"So it just wiped out the whole living room. The kitchen is gone. And into the breakfast nook."

Facione said they had just renovated the house, an annoyance for the couple. But as of Monday morning, she's just thankful her and her husband are okay. 

The crash happened at a home near Arizona and Iowa in Livonia, near Merriman and Joy Road. It happened early Monday morning.

The scene of a wreck at a Livonia home where a car hit a curb, flew 20 feet, and crashed through the wall. 

While the couple were sleeping, a car lost control, hit a curb and launched some 20 feet into the home. The driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the battalion chief said. 

It's unknown what state the driver was in prior to the crash. 

An investigation is ongoing.