Car plunges into Washington sinkhole: ‘It felt like the movies’

A scary moment took place for a couple when their car plunked into a sinkhole last week in Vancouver, Washington.

Officers responded on Jan. 20 to reports of a car falling into a sinkhole, and authorities confirmed that the front of the vehicle tumbled in, KPTV in Oregon reported. 

Authorities told KPTV that a water main break caused the sinkhole. 

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Katlynn Bicknell and her boyfriend Kevin were out grabbing food and were on their way home when the car became stuck in a huge hole with lots of bubbling water surrounding it. 

She tried to open the door as she pushed against the rushing water. Bicknell told KPTV that she and Kevin opened the windows to the car, and they escaped unharmed. 

Bicknell told KPTV that "it felt like the movies, like being in a movie."

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Bicknell called the police, and while waiting for help, she and Kevin watched the car descend further into the sinkhole. 

Public works crews repaired the sinkhole, KPTV reported.

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.