Careful with your campfire -- Fire danger high this weekend in Michigan

If you plan on having a campfire or burning anything this weekend, be extra careful because the fire danger is high in Michigan.

"Even though the landscape is green, our forests and grasses are very dry," said Paul Rogers, fire prevention specialist with the Forest Resources Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. "A fire can escape and move quickly due to the dry air and dry fuels."

Dry grass, tree branches, and other debris can easily become fuel for a fire.

Keep fires at least 10 feet away from logs, stumps, or other debris, and make sure no branches are hanging overhead.

Make sure you always have water nearby when having a fire and douse the fire with water, stir the ashes, and douse it again before leaving it. Also, never leave a fire unattended.

People are also advised to use caution if riding an ORV or using power tools and machinery, as these can produce sparks that could start a fire.

If you plan to burn debris, check about burning in your area here or contact your city about permitted burns.

Fire danger is high across much of the state, so be careful with campfires, debris burning and using power equipment outside.