Carjacking victim of suspect beaten by cops, calls it justified

The video appears to show a man being kicked and punched while officers are trying to subdue him during the arrest. WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE 

The victim in Monday's carjacking is telling what happened before any camera started rolling - and any cops started hitting and kicking an armed and dangerous man.

The  55-year-old woman says her grand kids were in the car. She was standing just outside around 7:40 Monday morning near Greenfield and Fenkell.

"This is a dangerous felon who had a semi-automatic gun which was loaded,  that he had put in my face and my children's face," the woman said. 

The victim had a broom to brush the heavy snow off her car, that's when she said a man came up to her with a gun and pointed it at her.

"He puts the gun in my face and says '(blank) give me your car and your purse, I'm robbing you,'" she said.

She told him she had no money and her grandsons were in the car.

"I'm screaming and yelling, 'Help help I'm being robbed,'" she said. "And he's telling me to shut the hell up and then he pointed the gun at my two grand kids."

Boys, just 9 and 12 years old with the older child having special needs, were inside the car.

"I was afraid he would get shot," she said. "Because kids like that - they don't move really fast.

"I wanted to hit him with the broom I was sweeping the car with, I was just so upset."

But she says, 51-year-old Andrew Jackson, Jr.,  a career criminal wearing a security guard jacket, pointed the gun at the children and told them to get out - or he'd shoot.

"'Get your ass out of the car,' he just kept yelling and screaming," she said.

Jackson fled in her car and GPS tracking led the police's Auto Theft Task Force to the suspect. 

But Jackson wasn't ready to give up. Armed and dangerous, he ran and police gave chase for a quarter mile before catching their suspect.

Their officers' actions - kicking, hitting, the victim believes were totally justified based on what Jackson had just done to her family.

"I think they did a good job, maybe the officer's emotion go tthe best of him," .she said.

During the arrest as he was being struck, the suspect called out "Jesus." One of the officers said "Don't you dare" as he hit him.

The victim referred to the suspect's apparent cry for help from above.

"I'm like the officer," she said. "How dare you call on Jesus when you robbed somebody by gunpoint. Was he thinking of Jesus when he put a gun to my face and my grand kids' faces?"