Cars vandalized outside Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

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Vehicle after vehicle parked on Poe Street near Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit was vandalized Tuesday afternoon.

“Just to see that there are about 16 cars in a row that were vandalized is kind of scary,” said Kelly Marsack whose car was damaged.

The victims say they are staff members at the hospital and were notified by hospital security that windows to their vehicles were smashed in.

Black bags were used to cover the damaged area and keep the rain out.

“I'm upset obviously. The staff here are busy working their butts off all day helping people and then you have people outside that are just ruining their cars,” said Jane Rosete, whose car was also vandalized.

“I can't say I'm surprised, but I am surprised that there were so many cars involved and no one saw anything,” said Marsack.

These victims say what's even more surprising is that nothing appeared to be stolen from their vehicles.

“No, they didn't take my passport. I guess it's just a warning to let us know not to park here I guess,” said Rosete.

“I don't know what they wanted. There’s probably like, $2 in change there. Maybe they were looking for cash or something,” said Marsack.

As owners made their way to their cars police were on hand to take reports.

Staff members say they park on the street out of convenience.

“The hospital does advise us not to park here, so technically we're not even supposed to be parking here,” said Marsack.

“I guess I will have to wake up an hour earlier to park in the structure,” said Rosete. “It’s just a little inconvenient.”

Despite all the damage to her vehicle, Rosete says after talking to some of her colleagues she's pretty lucky.

“Some of the cars you can't even open cause they really ruined it.”