Cass Tech students 1st album from Big Sean's studio to be released

Hip hop artist and Cass Tech graduate Big Sean is giving back to his high school along with local talent development expert Brandon Smith. 

It started in 2015 when Big Sean announced his partnership with Adidas and presented the school with the Big Sean Infinite Possibilities Studio.

Mason Chase, a 10th grader at Cass Tech said, "it's a blessing that we even have this opportunity to do this because most of us want to be in the industry. This is definitely a jump start for a high schooler."

But the students must work hard in order to perform in the studio during after school hours.

"As you can see the studio has a recording booth, a drum set, a piano, computers, even a lounge, to give the kids that real life experience of creating music," explains Cass Tech principal Lisa Phillips.

Program Director Brandon Smith says when you're doing music in a school, it's what was created before your time and now your going to sing it or play it. This program allows them to create their own art, their own music."

The students in the program have recently put together a project titled "The Infinite Project".

The lyrics are all positive, but the music also touches on  life which includes growing up in the inner city, not coming from money, and the black lives matter movement.

"To me it takes it deeper than music because of all the police brutality that's been. So the lyrics are just speaking the truth. Just speaking the truth on the world," says Chase.

Some national exposure could be shining on the program and students too at Cass Tech.

With the help of Big Sean and Addias, the students-led album will be sent to Vice and Rolling Stone magazine.