Catastrophic hurricane to hit Mexico's Pacific coast

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Hurricane Patricia is expected to make landfall Friday on Mexico's Pacific coast. 

Mayra Garcia works at El Zocalo in Mexicantown. She moved here from the Puerto Vallarta area when she was four, but still visits and writes her family often.

"My dad lives there, all my aunts, uncles, cousins. I have so many cousins over there so it's kind of scary," said Garcia.

She is writing family members to see if they're ok, hearing, many are unprepared for hurricane Patricia, and trying to seek shelter from record breaking 200 mile per hour winds.

"I just told her that, how's everything going with the hurricane? Is there a lot of rain or anything? But she hasn't answered me yet," said Garcia. "I think this is a big deal, because a lot of people are going to lose their homes."

A catastrophic landfall is expected. Airports have shut down at all major cities on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Those planning to travel anywhere near the area, will likely have flights canceled. Those traveling out of Detroit Metro can check for updates at

For now all Mayra can do is keep busy at work, while she waits to hear more from family.

"Just hopefully they're all going to be okay, and they protect themselves really good."

Fox 2 is keeping in touch with the Consulate General of Mexico in Detroit. They are communicating with those affected by the hurricane, and will let us know what aid they may need.