Celebrity publicist pushes for answers in college student's death after she was found in Southfield

Mia Kanu was supposed to be one of the thousands of college students heading back to campus in a month.

Unfortunately, she died after attending a party with friends. Now, two months later her cause of death is still unknown while a celebrity publicist is pushing for answers.

While the Oakland County prosecutor reviews findings from the medical examiner, a beautiful memorial can be found on Providence Drive in Southfield - for a beautiful soul.

Kanu — a 23-year-old Tennessee State University student whose smile lit up a photo, died after someone discovered her on the side of the same road two months ago.

"When I heard about what happened I was disgusted," said Andrew Wyatt, Purpose PR Firm. "I was disgusted that someone with a promising future like Mia, was left in the street like an animal."

It was a tragic end for a young woman who wanted to spend her life helping animals as a veterinarian.  The story has made national headlines but has gone quiet since it broke in June.

Now it’s gotten the attention of Andrew Wyatt, who posted a tribute to Mia Kanu on his Instagram.

FOX 2: "What do you hope by putting your Instagram post out there, and your connections for that matter. What are you hoping can happen?"

"I wanted to bring awareness to it," he said. "I wanted to help bring her mother, Bianca, some comfort in knowing that people are caring about Mia. We care about her voice. Right now we have to be her voice."

Wyatt says he’s tired of seeing too many cases involving the suspicious deaths of Black women go unsolved.

Southfield police said that on June 3, surveillance video shows she was either pushed, or fell from a car outside the Coach Apartments.

She had severe head trauma and later died at the hospital.

Mia Kanu

Mia Kanu

Investigators say Mia was at a party with friends before her death.

What we also know is a woman drove the car and a man was a passenger with Mia.

On Monday — Southfield police told FOX 2 they’ve received the findings from the medical examiner and submitted the case to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.

Once a decision is made, police will meet with the family, then update the public.

Wyatt believes Mia’s story is a chance for parents to talk with their children about who they hang around.

"When you get out of high school, you start evolving. Some of your friends might not have evolved," he said. "The people you choose to be in your inner circle has to change as you evolve in life.

"I’m not saying Mia was hanging around bad people. That’s not what I’m putting out, but we have to have those conversations with our children."

Wyatt says he’ll continue to follow this case and keep in touch with Southfield police until there’s a resolution. 

Mia Kanu

Mia Kanu