Champagne got the Dearborn Heights superintendent in trouble. She's upset with the punishment

It wasn't a lot of champagne that was being held by administrators of the Dearborn Heights school district. 

"Like literally as much as you could drink in a toast," said Jennifer Mast, superintendent of the Dearborn Heights District No. 7. "Kids were gone, teachers were gone it was a very innocent gesture to show our appreciation for the years of service from these admins."

A dozen administrators met here at the Dearborn Heights District Number 7 offices - it's the district she's been with for 22 years.

"I brought the champagne, we did toast, had our meeting everyone went back to work," said Mast.

Fast forward 10 months later. 

"Someone on staff had made a statement that if they had gotten in trouble for something that they were going to reveal a secret," she said.

That big secret was the champagne toast it landed Mast in front of the school board this week - after they brought on two attorneys to help with the legalities on what's next.  

"The meeting was called to order at 7," Mast said. "They immediately went into closed session and deliberated for three hours."

Three hours, and likely thousands of dollars in attorney fees later, her punishment was handed down. 

"First, see the top line that said 'five days unpaid suspension.' I mean I was shocked, I could not believe that's what they had decided," she said. 

A unanimous vote at that - then and there the suspension started. 

"...asked me for my keys told me they had to walk me out it was very official and felt very criminal to me, which was foreign," she said.

She doesn't even have work email access and tells FOX 2 she's missing graduation events, meetings not to mention the hit at home. 

"I am a single mom of three kids, five days without pay is going to be felt at my house," she said.

Mast doesn't plan to take further action. She said she didn't want to put any more financial hardship on the district.

"I'm owning I'm taking responsibility but I felt like the punishment was very harsh. I felt like it was very extreme," she said