Chapter 10: Defining Detroit's future

You’ve probably seen someone you know list their relationship status as “It’s complicated.” What better way to describe our collective relationship with Detroit?

We love the city and its spirit and its people. We lament its troubles and its challenges and (at least some of) its leaders.

Investigative reporter M.L. Elrick and photographer/editor Chris Sherban spend most of their time exposing public officials who put self service before public service. But there is so much more to Detroit. And now, with Chapter 10, Elrick and Sherban have a vehicle to tell those OTHER stories.
They’ll take you places you’ve never been, introduce you to people you’d like to know, and, hopefully, open your eyes.

Chapter 10 will live largely on, but it will occasionally pop up on TV. That’s because Chapter 10, like the city it chronicles, will be anything but predictable.