Charges dropped against three suspects in Detroit gang rape, robbery

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Antoine Orr, Chico Bruce and Jordan Reese in Wayne County court for their preliminary examination. 

All charges were dismissed against three Detroit rape and robbery suspects Tuesday.

Men charged with criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and armed robbery found out at the start of their preliminary examination that a female victim is "refusing to prosecute at this time."

The case against Antoine Orr, Jordan Reese and Chico Bruce was dismissed without prejudice. All three were accused of the rape and robbery of a 21-year-old Detroit woman and her 22-year-old boyfriend.

Prosecutors say the couple was walking along McNichols last month when six men robbed them at gunpoint, raping the woman and forcing her boyfriend to watch.

The mothers of Chico Bruce and Antoine Orr said they feel "happy."

"I knew in my heart that my son had nothing to do with this," said Cassandra Orr. "And I am overfilled with joy."

All three men police say were identified as suspects. Orr and Reese were both arrested and Bruce came to FOX 2 a few days later before turning himself in. He declared his innocence before heading to Wayne County Jail.

"I'm turning myself in, doing the right thing," Bruce said. "I haven't done anything."

As Orr's attorney Richard Glanda says, he believes there's some issues with the case and cannot explain why the two victims chose not to testify.

"Maybe there was a reason, they didn't want to testify," Glanda said. "Who knows? But at this point the victims didn't want to pursue the matter."

But Prosecutors say although the victims did not show up to testify, that does not mean the case cannot be re-issued.

The prosecutor’s office also tells FOX 2 it is conducting a further investigation so that the case can be re-issued, adding that prosecutors are still waiting on DNA evidence to be processed.

FOX 2: "Even if the DNA does come back and shows that your client and the other men did this, you still need the victims to be there."

"You still need the victim to be there," Glanda said.