Charges still pending against woman who shot man in her driveway

Call it female firepower. 

In two days, two women open fire on what they say are intruders. Now, we're learning one of those women could be facing some serious charges. 

"This is a woman who was accosted in her driveway. she shoots somebody; they put her in custody," says attorney Lillian Diallo. "That's not how you're supposed to treat people. She was the victim."

Lillian Diallo is sounding off. Her client was behind bars for more than 24 hours and she still doesn't know if she'll face criminal charges. She shot a man approaching her in her driveway around 4 a.m. Monday.

"They advanced on her, in her yard, at her car and we believe it was more than one person out there at that point in time. and she identified herself as having a CPS, as having a weapon. Didn't stop them," says Diallo. 

And Diallo says it did not stop police from arresting her client, and that's not the worst of it. The woman claims police left evidence at the scene - her would-be attackers' weapons.

"You have evidence on the ground," says Diallo. "Allegedly there was a pipe, there was a knife and two hats. That would put two people in that yard. This is a woman with no criminal record, no background. She's licensed to carry; she shoots as she's supposed to."

And she's not alone. Tuesday afternoon another woman on Detroit's east side came home to find three intruders inside. She opened fire, hitting one.

If there's a war on women, it's being waged by crooks. The two shootings are examples of more women strapping up to protect themselves. The number of women renewing or receiving concealed pistol licenses is up more than 130 percent in just four years.

"They don't want to be attacked; they don't want to be dragged into an abandoned building; they don't want to be raped, they don't want to be violated. They are seriously concerned about their safety and they're coming to me to get their training so they can lawfully carry a concealed pistol," says Rick Ector from Rick's Firearm Academy.

And whether right or wrong, they're also learning there may be trouble after pulling the trigger. 

The woman in Tuesday's shooting is being questioned by police. Investigators say the victim in Monday's shooting is still in critical condition and cannot speak, so they can't get his side of the story. 

Meanwhile, the felony charge is still hanging over Diallo's client's head.

"She was traumatized when I went down there to see her today because she doesn't understand why she's locked up," says Diallo.

The woman is facing a felonious assault charge. The decision likely won't come until the man she shot is stable enough to speak with police. 

As for the evidence allegedly left behind at the scene, police say they will look over the crime scene photos to see if that's something they missed.