Charlie Bothuell details abuse, testifies he was whipped

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Charlie Bothuell

Testimony was heard Tuesday by Charlie Bothuell, the boy who went missing before being found in his father's basement.

He took the stand against his father Charlie Bothuell IV, and stepmother Monique Dillard-Bothuell, accused of torture and child abuse in the pretrial hearing.

Bothuell, 13, testified in the hearing which is meant to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial.

WATCH: The testimony unedited, from court today. Mobile and tablet users CLICK HERE.

Bothuell detailed accounts of being whipped by his father using sticks and pipes from 2012 to 2014 to the point where his skin would be broken open.

"Why did you lay over the dining room table," the lawyer asked.

"Because I was told to," said Bothuell. "(I) layed over the dining room table and I would be basically smacked on the butt."

"With what?"

"A wooden stick," Bothuell said. "Then a plastic PVC pipe."

"All at the same time?"

Bothuell: "Yes."

Bothuell also told the judge about daily workout routines.

"What would happen if you didn't do this routine?" asked the attorney. 

"I would get in trouble, a whipping," he said. 

Even after the whippings, Bothuell would be forced to continue the workouts. Allegedly, it was not only his father who beat him.

"You said that Charlie Bothuell IV would strike you, is that right?" the attorney asked.

Bothuell: "Yes."

"In the time you were in that house did anyone else ever strike you," the attorney asked.

Bothuell: "Sometimes, I guess. Very, very rarely."

"Who was that?"

Bothuell: "Monique Dillard."

"What did she do?"

Bothuell: "Sometimes she would punch me, one time I got choked once."

"How did you feel when you were living there?

Bothuell: "Depressed, upset, just wanted to go home with my mom."

The hearing continues May 5 when Bothuell will continue his testimony.