Charred ATM, pickup truck found after smash-and-grab

Detroit Police have yet another smash-and-grab on their hands. 

This time it happened at The Royal Grill restaurant on Livernois early Tuesday morning on the city's west side.

Surveillance video footage shows the perpetrators crashing a pickup truck through the front glass doors. 

They were after the ATM inside and created thousands of dollars in damage before getting away in another vehicle.

Longtime waitress Sheryl Clark saw the aftermath when she showed up for work. 

"This is going on every single day, somewhere, but you've been seeing liquor stores (in the news) but not a restaurant. So, to do a restaurant? Come on now, that's just petty. Very petty," she says. 

You can see surveillance video from the crime in the video player above. 

Detroit Police did eventually find the pickup truck with an ATM in the back on the city’s east side, which had been set on fire presumably to destroy any evidence. It's likely connected to the smash-and-grab. 

"They're gonna get caught because they're gonna do it again somewhere else. You not gonna keep just getting away with doing stupid stuff like this," Clark says. 

This latest smash-and-grab is just one of about four dozen that police have been investigating since the beginning of the year. 

Investigators are working to identify the three suspects seen in the surveillance video. If you know anything about what happened, you're asked to call Detroit Police.